21st CENTURY CITY HALL HOUSING proposing an alternative to the classically authoritative City Hall type: embedded in a hillside favella-like city, its structure replicates the cities’ distributed spatial organisation

City Hall Typologies


Isabell Fogden_city hall Project description


diagram of cityhall

section in landscapetimelineLAYOUT
abstract landscape typologyperspective whole project 28- Sculptural9- Structural10- 19thc Town Hall


landscape12- Chandigarh-a13- Chandegarh-b14- Chandigarh-c
15- Scottisch parliament

cityhall-referencesprojectorganizationlevel1level2A3(297)xA2(594)LEVEL4 finaldiagrams copy1timber-concrete connection timber-concrete connection2 semester1-semester2 copy3 copy semester1-semester2 copy3 copy3semester1-semester2 copy3 copy1Printsunpathperspective whole project copyperpective-whole project33- Cores within Housing34- City Hall Spinecouncillor-housingcourtyard-offices2PrintENTRANCElooking in3looking in2presspress2etfe3 copy2etfe3chamber viewetfe3 copy1Printedited section in landscape

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